Eat Your Cake and Feel Great Too

Functional Superfood Desserts + Treats

At Lifelicious, we love feeling great. But, we love desserts, too! We set out to find a way to have both. Now, you can eat your cake and feel great, too.

Rich decadent treats….that support your body.

There is so much healing goodness in nature—we’ve married superfood ingredients with delicious treats that don’t just taste amazing—they give your body the nutritional support it needs to thrive through your busy, stressful life. That’s what we call functional desserts—treats that do your body good.

Our ingredients are meticulously researched and chosen for their health sustaining benefits. Then they sourced to be non-GMO, sustainable and fair trade. Every treat we make is lovingly hand-crafted and includes only real foods that support your body’s ability to function at it’s best. You can feel the health sustaining goodness with every yummy bite.

Two ways to treat yourself:

Give your body a chewy fudgy hug with our naturally energizing antioxidant-rich Take Flight Espresso Brownies.

Or rekindle your love of silky smooth butterscotch vanilla with our High Flying Blondies – rich in protein and immune supporting goodness.

It’s time to enjoy dessert like never before.

No more feeling guilty because you want something sweet! No more sugar highs and crashes! Only healing goodness with every delightful mouthful.
Feed your sweet tooth and support your body to be it’s best! Two undeniable benefits in one. All our desserts are non-GMO, minimally processed, naturally gluten-free and refined sugar-free too!

Try Lifelicious treats for yourself and see what all the buzz is about. You don’t even have to tell people they’re good for them! It could be our little secret.

Having gone down the path of feeling worn down, perpetually exhausted, teetering on the edge of unwell, we know firsthand how quickly the body can rebound when it is given supportive whole nutrition. We subscribe to Hippocrates’ famous quote “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.

We are passionate that we can no longer be unconscious with our food— what we put in our mouths and it’s direct effect on the quality of our life. Our values stem from an understanding of the bounty of health that nature provides us and our commitment to healthy people and a healthy planet.
We are also passionate about delivering out of the ordinary titillating enjoyment and joy!

Our calling is to deliver quality. And not simply run-of-the-mill, five-star quality. For us, nothing less than awe-inspiring, “I can’t believe this tastes so good”, “I can’t believe this is good for me” quality will do, down to the finest crumb.

We geek out on ingredients and tirelessly research the effects they have on the different systems in our amazing bodies.

We obsess over our customers. Not just as customers, but as people who want the energy to enjoy all facets of their lives. That is a responsibility we proudly take to heart.

We believe our neurotic focus on health is why our customers are not just customers, they are raving fans.

Our mission is and always will be to create a yummier and healthier experience of being vibrantly alive.

Though there is no legal or medical definition, superfoods are nutrient-rich powerhouse foods that pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. Eating them may reduce the risk of chronic disease and prolong life, and people who eat more of them are healthier and thinner than those who don’t. They have been used by cultures for thousands of years. Nature has literally put ingredients in our path that heal different parts of our bodies.

Google superfoods you’ll find a wealth of knowledge about several foods that are for lack of a better word…super, what health benefits they offer, and how to fit them into your diet. I’ll go into how to determine what to believe and what not to waste your money on in future blog posts. Now you know that they are certain ingredients that you can add to the foods you love to get a lot of health bang for your bite.

It sounds important to anyone trying to live a healthful life. We want to function, don’t we? The answer is a bit complicated. Just as there are no federal regulations or rules governing the word “natural,” no legal definition exists for functional foods in the United States.

According to the Mayo Clinic, functional foods are generally considered to offer benefits that go beyond basic nutrition. Such foods may be, the National Institutes of Health states, “a source of mental and physical well-being, contributing to the prevention and reduction of … diseases or enhancing certain physiological functions.”

You could call an apple or almond butter gluten-free as it does not have gluten but that’s silly. Gluten-free refers to the fact that the product does not include wheat, barley, or rye. Keep in mind that wheat has many forms. This includes bulgur, durum, graham, kamut, spelt, and semolina. These are all forms of wheat. Typically this means cakes, cookies, brownies and all those yummy foods that do a whammy on our bodies.

All of our desserts, including our brownies, blondies and further down the line our cookies are made without wheat flours. Instead we used high quality Non-GMO nut and alternative legume flours for more nutrition value as well as to go easy on your gut. It’s been through a lot, hasn’t it?!

Wow, that would be amazing wouldn’t it? Rich, fudgy, chewy brownies that are completely calorie free. While heaven is on earth, our desserts are not calorie free. They certainly have calories, but are are fuel. It’s what you have in body to use to run it’s different functions.

Rather than look for no calories, look for calories with the biggest energy & health bang for your bite. Those are the kind of calories our functional desserts possess.

Absolutely. Our desserts and treats are made without refined sugar, honey, or agave. All of which enter your bloodstream quickly and can surge insulin. Are desserts are made with complex sugars like dates, coconut sugar, yacon, as well as natural sugar substitutes xylitol, stevia, or erythritol.

That said, you know your body and the TLC it needs. Don’t expect to eat two dozen brownies (even our super healthy ones) without being affected somehow—even if it’s making your yoga pants fit a bit tight.

At this point, it is not feasible to sell single products from our website due to packaging and shipping. Orders are available in quantities of 6. Even if you order 18, you will receive your treats in packages of 6, this will make it easier for you to order more and freeze them so you always have our sinfully nutritious functional desserts on hand…when you need them. From what our customers say, you do start to need them.

As we grow and get into coffee shops, farmers markets, and even grocers we do anticipate the ability to get just one. But trust us, one is not enough.