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Meet Kim Castle

Hey there, I’m Kim! An entrepreneur, a writer, a comedienne, a mom, a recovering perfectionist turned women’s well being advocate dedicated to helping you get your juicy life back through healthy food and lifestyle changes. I’m honored to and be your sherpa and guide you back to the life when you were overflowing with the joy of being alive. Remember that?

For me that would be when I was five running through the sprinklers on a hot humid day seeing the sun dancing in the water drops. Or when I was picking fresh blackberries with my grandaddy. Plucking those gifts of nature off the thorn-covered bushes and popping those luscious babies into my mouth made me feel oh so alive.

Unfortunately, I left those vitality-rich moments far behind as I lived the life of a go go go, non-stop, professional, Type A, over exercising, perfectionist. In other words…utterly exhausted.

After taking care of the world around me decades, I woke up one day and…I didn’t want to wake up.

Adrenal fatigue. Hypothyroidism, Metabolic Disfunction. Immune dysfunction. Gastrointestinal dysfunction. What I now refer to as Type A Disease. I had a whole lot of dysfunction going on. I was too busy taking care of business, to take care of myself.

As a result, all the joy and passion that I had for living, that I had for my life, that I had for the people around me, was gone. After a lifetime of lifting up everyone around me, first as a peace keeper in my family, then later as a comedienne and international speaker for audiences worldwide, I had nothing else to give.

All that was left was this loop in my head, “This is not my beautiful life”. Oddly, this loop was the loudest when I was washing the dishes. And to make matters worse…much worse…I paid little attention to things like; food and sleep.  I had just too much going on in my life.

All Out of Energy

What the heck happened…to ME”?

  • No matter how much I slept, I was tired all the time.
  • Couldn’t sleep through the night.
  • Filled with panic at the littlest things.
  • Emotionally frail and fragile.
  • Cried all the time.
  • Deeply depressed.
  • Gained 25 pounds that would not budge.
  • No longer cared about my business….about exercising.
  • Stopped wanting to be around people; including my husband and son.
  • Couldn’t take the TV, loud music, loud intentions.
  • Couldn’t take sunlight.
  • Things got so bad that I started waking up with the thought, “Why am I still here?”

Little did I know these were all signs of severe adrenal insufficiency (adrenal fatigue), low thyroid (hypothyroidsim) and upside down hormones. I had taxed my body so much for so long that it stop producing what it needed to function. And because this yuck had been going on unnoticed for so long, my immune system became compromised and unable to do it’s important job.  I figuratively and literally ran out of juice.

From the outside, my life looked beautiful. Perfect.

kim_gloriaalred I held my career and family together with my “I can do it” attitude. I was a TV host interviewing celebrities. I was a stand-up comedienne making audiences laugh. I was an actress moving audiences with my one-woman show. I was a award-winning packaging designer and art director making my clients happy. I was a speaker inspiring entrepreneurs and corporate audiences.

On the inside, things were far from perfect. I exercised. I ate well. Or so I thought. Well to me meant staying away from junk food.  Another thing I didn’t have under control was stress. And to make things worse, most of it was self-induced! I was healthy “in theory.”

Once I realized I was on the edge of illness, an edge that many women find themselves on, I walked away from my own successful business to heal. I found a doctor who could help me and documented my journey back in a comic reality  series called “Aging Ungracefully.”

I had to figure out:

a) what the heck was really going on inside me; and

b) how this could happen to me. I’m smart. I couldn’t be the only woman this was happening to.

kim_ageingungracefullyI looked around and saw so that many of the professional women, the entrepreneurs, the overworked moms that I worked with over the years silently suffering through the same hell that I was in—with no clear path to get back to feeling like themselves again. Thousands of women dependent on antidepressants, turning to doctors who don’t listen, overwhelmed by their symptoms, exhausted by the conflicting information online—desperate, like I was,  to be well.

And so, I made a vow. If I found a way back to feeling good again, if I made it back to feeling great to be alive like the little girl with blackberry juice all over her face, that I would share exactly how I did it with as many women as possible!

My wake up call caused me to rediscover how to live— in harmony with my biology.

It taught me to listen to my body. It taught me to seek out natural forms of healing. It brought me back to nature (my church). Even more, it illuminated me to the medicine cabinet that is food. I became a born-again foodie. If I was going to get well, food was the way.

I turned to the internet brimming with information and confusion. I researched my symptoms. I sorted through a ton of noise to find incredible resources.

People like Dr. Mark Hyman who taught me about my diet and David Avocado Wolfe who taught me about super foods.  Dr. Robynne Chukan who taught me about the gut and Dr. Marcelle Pick who taught me about adrenal fatigue and women’s hormones. I turned to Dana Trentini (HyothyroidMom) and Mary Shoman to learn about getting my thyroid to function again. And I turned to Chris Kresser, Dr Avia Romm, and Dr. Holly Lucille  to learn about our bodies’ incredible ability to heal naturally.

While I was healing I felt so all alone. My family and friends couldn’t understand what I was going through. I hid most of it. I didn’t want them to know.  I didn’t want to admit that I had let my life get so bad.

And so looked to inspiring stories of women over forty, who like myself, reached a critical defining moment in their lives and made a change. Whether it was dietary, lifestyle,  mindset, or career, they found a resilience and strength to put their needs first and found health, passion, and enjoyment in being alive again. Even though they didn’t know me, I found community in them. They got their juice back. And eventually…so did I.


Today my life is completely different. My adrenals are completely healed. My body is no longer inflamed from over exercise and stress. My weight is back to normal. Now I sleep well. Stress is at a minimum, though because I am wired for stress I have to be extremely mindless of when my engine starts revving up. And food and understanding superfood ingredients and their affect on our body in at the center of everything that I do.  

In return, I rarely get colds or flus. I’m calm. I’m happy. Very happy! And I can get everything I want to accomplish done without wearing myself out. I learned that I no longer have to carry the weight of the world on my back. That I don’t have to do everything, just because I can. My well being became my priority.  

I learned firsthand that the most important thing I can do for the world around me…is to take care of myself…first. I call it becoming self centered.

And contrary to what you were taught, it’s a very good thing. From there you thrive! And that’s important.  Not just for you but for the world around you. Because you affect everything around you, you impact it.  Your unique set of gifts, your hearts, your humor, your unique way of solving a problem and making people know that that are loved, your way of being causes ripples in the life of all around you. And you deserve support.

Here at Lifelicious™ you will find real stories of real women who have gone through a well being challenge and what they did to feel great again. You’ll hear from real experts—doctors, practitioners, nutritionists, specialists, coaches, innovators and more.

Real issues, simple solutions.

You’ll learn about how to heal while you eat. How to unplug from the stress. How to create an environment that supports you. You’ll get tangible steps to get your energy and your life back. Not just for right now…but for life.

Through lively interviews, informative articles, and entertaining series like “In the Mind of a Woman” you’ll;

  • meet real experts with tangible solutions for healing
  • enjoy sinfully nutritious recipes that serve your sweet tooth and your body
  • learn from other women how they got their energy and life back
  • discover healthy products that support you and your family to live well
  • and more!

kim_montage2I started this community because I wanted one place to get real answers to the issues I was facing—physically, emotionally, and mentally instead of scouring all over the internet.

I wanted an easy way back into the kitchen after a lifetime of ignoring it. 

I started this community but it is not mine. It’s ours to thrive together. I encourage you to dive into what tastes good for you. Read the articles, watch the videos, soak up the courses, join me in the kitchen to make sinfully nutritious recipes along side me. Soak it all in all the goodness. Be a part of it. Comment back, ask questions, shape the community. Most of all make Lifelicious™ yours.

If you’ve been diagnosed with an illness, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, you can feel something just isn’t right, or you know someone who has, you’ll find lots of advice on how navigate your journey while adding a bounce to your step, a boost to your bounce, and juice to your life. Oh and you will laugh…a lot…unless you’re feeling especially yucky. In that case, you will smile.

The best places to connect with me are in the comments section of my blog or on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Dive into deeper with my interviews on the Lifelicious podcast. Engage with me in real time on my Facebook live show. Or go behind the scenes of my world on Instagram Instagram. It’s healthy foodporn galore!

Oh, and don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter where I’ll serve up a healthy selection of goodness including articles, recipes, how-to videos, pep talks, books, products, and events that I think you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Most most of all, rest here. Recharge here. Allow this community to fill you back up. And when you’re feeling great again and you got your juice back, if you can, share your story of how you did it to help another another woman do the same.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being here. I’m excited to show you the way you make your life juicy again!

Lifeliciously yours,


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